Concrete And Cement Industry Email List And B2B Sales Leads

Concrete and Cement Industry Email List and B2B Sales Leads

Our Cement Industry Database will connect your business with all the cement companies in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and parts of the world! Our Concrete and Cement Industry Email List is ideal for email marketing, telesales, social media marketing, direct mail marketing! Instant download. Free lifetime updates.


Ancient but Strong...

Concrete and cement aren’t exactly ancient technology, but they’re still one of the strong materials currently available for construction. In the UK, thousands of homes were constructed after World War II using concrete and rebar, only expecting to last ten years at the most. And yet, even in the twenty first century, many of them still remain, and are lived in to this day! While arguably cold to live in, they were made to last.

The benefits...

So what use do we have?

  • It’s easy to tell; concrete is an exceptionally strong yet flexible material.
  • It’s very simple to make, though complicated to master.
  • Very quick to place and shape, it allows large amounts of construction to be done cheaply but still efficiently.

Cemented together into a B2B Database.

So imagine having all of the business leads in the country. That’s a huge amount of concrete. But what’s the use?

  • Construction companies looking for suppliers to provide the materials needed for their next developments.
  • Independent bricklayers needing cement to continue with much needed work such as building brick walls.
  • Suppliers looking to partner up with other traders to form larger partnerships.

But what do you get?

You get all of the below, and more!

  • Names and addresses of all stockist warehouses selling concrete and cement.
  • Wholesaler company contact details, capable of supplying materials in quantities large enough for massive projects.
  • Production companies fabricating these materials, complete with addresses, email and telephone numbers for these and the above.
  • Social Media links for many construction companies hosting a wealth of information about the industries and what to look out for!

What’s so different about us?

We’re not just a product of Google searches and what the internet can tell you. We’ve been doing what we do best for five years now, and have helped countless companies, and building projects. You see, we’ve been on the road, furiously meeting and befriending leading industry figures, and heads of construction and development projects, finding out all the very best B2B leads, collecting relevant data for every merchant of concrete and cement the ever is. That way, you know everything you see on our list is current and up to date.

We’ve even made it easy to sort them with the use of our .csv spreadsheets. B2B marketing, made extremely simple!

So just how can I utilise this product?

We’re glad you asked!

Building Newsletters!

Got some new tips for the industry? Know an even better way to mix concrete? Maybe you’ve got a new development in the making. Entice the others to put their name on it by plugging in all those subscribers at the touch of a button, and get your newsletters in their hands before the day is out!

Email, mixed up tightly!

Sometimes, speculation just isn’t enough. Maybe disaster has struck, and your supplier is unable to fulfil your needs! It’s always good to have a backup plan. With a drop and drag of all the biggest, and smallest suppliers in the country, you can put your needs to all the most relevant contacts in the industry, and secure the gargantuan supply you need. Why leave it to chance and panic?

Throw them a line!

It’s all good asking for what you need in a cut and paste, but some of the most savvy merchants can see through it. Give them some reassurance. In our B2B database, you’ll find telephone numbers for hundreds of managers, founders and marketing departments for practically every merchant we feature. One phone call might just get the show on the road!

Social Media at its finest!

Social media is a powerful platform for discussion. While you might not find the biggest leads ever on such a specific industry, you’ll find tips, knowledge, and the chance to liaise with other businesses. You may find a company offering the polar opposite to yours. What better way to challenge the big fish than by teaming up?

Cementing it all together...

Your next big project is capable of winning you nationwide acclaim, and set in stone your future. So why wait to get that industry advantage? Cut out the chance in the matter. The moment we receive your payment, you’ll have instant access to the whole product, so there’s no waiting around for the postman, or needing to wait indoors when you’ve got developments to be sorting out.

And we’re not going to trap you into expensive monthly update fees either, as that’s included in the price! Pay once, and we release frequent updates, keeping your listings completely up to date without needing to pay a single penny more!

We’re so confident in our products that we’ve even provided a free sample with some of the best contacts you’ll ever find!

Quite simply, we’re the best at what we do!

Any product bought for use in Europe is also completely safe when put to the new GDPR regulations. Now you really can buy peace of mind!